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Majuli, the river island on the massive Brahmaputra River in Assam is perhaps the most natural and pollution-free space. I have been married to this amazing place for almost 19 years and each time I visit, there is so much to learn and adapt. Every house is filled with homegrown fruits and vegetables, growing tall and healthy over their expansive front and backyard. In this era of congested and small living as well as stressful professional and personal life, Majuli is the perfect place to rejuvenate oneself and feel the bliss of nature and purity.

This visit of mine, got me glued to the loving Deori tribes residing on the island. Feeding themselves organically keeps them spontaneous and disease-free. Fishing from a nearby lake or river is their regular ritual. The natural abundance of the place reflects so much in their gestures and acceptance. Their folk song took me into a distant place seeking love and affection.

I am so very grateful to all these lovely people for making an effort in displaying their tradition. Their smile makes me smile every time I watch their pictures and videos. Their beautiful hand-woven attire is colourful and traditional. Towards the end of their beautiful folk dance was my time to thank them all and seek blessings.

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