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Dogs are the most beloved and loyal friends of a human. They enlighten our mood too! I love dogs and I'm also learning to take care of them from my mom. Recently we had a very sad experience which I would like to share.

I have two adult dogs. One is male, whose name is Blacky and the other female is lovingly called Gupsy. Although they are not from the same mother, but they play together. Blacky is 8 years old now and Gupsy is just 2 years old. Blacky being very experienced with his doggo life, he is quiet and intelligent. Gupsy on the contrary is fun-loving and foodie.

Gupsy gave birth to 7 puppies on 8th November 2020. These small pups were all born in our home with my mom being their nanny. My mom also created a video of their birth with advice for dog lovers. Please check her YouTube channel PRANAAMEOFFICIAL. All these cuties gave us some kind of a jerk as we were not expecting so many. It was 6 females and a male. But, we really loved them coming to this world. I thought the pups would be calm, quiet and disciplined, but I was wrong. All the puppies were naughty, foodies and filled with super active powers. They all had different colour patterns.

I named them all as:

1. Yochan

2. Apollo

3. Coco

4. Husky

5. Murphy

6. Oreo and

7. Hamster

They all were so naughty and every day would create chaos making me and my mom run behind them. After 2 months, we handed over 4 puppies to one of our relatives. Blacky also had some pups from his 3 wives. But, we weren’t able to find the pups and they all were born a month prior to our 7 pups. After 2-3 months, we saw few pups in our neighborhood that exactly looked like him and after investigating we got to know that they are Balcky's pups. All were super cute and had different behaviors. We adopted one of his pups and named her Jennie. The others were named Brown (male), Playful (female) and Spotty (female). Below are some pics of mom and Jennie took during a trip.

After few months, some crucial days began. My mom found brown dead on the roadside and someone also informed her that Playful is sick too. Now, the Parvovirus season is in full swing. Hence, my mom called up her brother (my maternal uncle) and informed him about it. On the same evening, both uncle and aunt took Playful to the vet and started the treatment of the Parvo virus. In the meantime, a Spotty was with Playful, she too was showing some initial symptoms, thus Spotty too was taken to the vet. Thankfully they both got saved.

With all these going around, my mom got really worried and took all our 4 pups (Jennie, Husky, Apollo and Hamster) to the vet for vaccination. Then after 2 days, all our pups started showing symptoms of the Parvo virus. We started taking them all to the vet daily, their health was really deteriorating and we all got very concerned. On an evening, when my mom was looking for Husky, she found her lying dead, immediately we all again ran to the vet with our other 3 pups with tearful eyes handing the Husky's dead body to my maternal uncle. The next day early morning we cremated Husky. This same day, in the afternoon, Apollo was struggling from within. My mom immediately consulted the vet and was just about to get ready and found Apollo stopped breathing. Everything got stopped. Suddenly as if the world got crushed. The rest 2 pups Hamster and Jennie were rushed to the vet for their ongoing treatment. Again Apollo was created the next morning. And we were praying that Hamster and Jennie recover soon.

Docter says pups with lower immunity could not fight hard and so they died. But I wonder why Apollo died? She was so foodie and eats anything that we give her. Maybe the virus was attacking them from within for a little long time. These days I was crying and could not sleep properly. As Jennie and Hamster too were affected, I was somewhat scared of everything that's happening. With God's grace, they are recovering now. I sometimes think to adopt Blacky's other pup Playful but don't know if I can. Spotty has already taken her space in my uncle's home. Just hoping that life gets really amazing again .!!!!!!

With Jennie and dad during a trip

My pets are fed with chicken, milk and vegetables on a regular basis and they also love to be fed on packed pet foods. Below I have given some Amazon links wherein you can purchase just as I do. I'm sure you will love these easy deals.

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