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Water is an important aspect of our life. From an insect to a mammal and from a toddler to an adult, every creature in this world needs water. If there was no water present on the earth, there would not be any living organism surviving on the Earth. Apart from drinking, there are many activities in which water is involved. Some of the activities are cooking, washing, bathing, cleaning, drinking and many others. Water is also essential for agricultural crops and farm stocks and is used in manufacturing things. The most important thing in the whole world is to keep ourselves hygienic and clean by drinking or consuming water. Drinking or Consuming water helps to prevent germs and bacteria that are present inside our bodies.

Water that is clean and safe for drinking is called ‘Potable Water’. Disease-causing germs and chemicals may find their way into water supplies too. When this happens, the water becomes polluted and contaminated. And if a person drinks, then he may face many diseases or may even die. It is said that water is not safe to drink when is not potable. This is called non - potable water. All the action taken to make sure that drinking water is potable and is not in contact with any germs or chemicals is called water treatment.

There are many ways in which we are able to collect water. Some of them are as follows :

  1. Surface Water: This waterfalls to the ground in the form of rain or hail. Surface water is collected from a special place or area called Catchment. The catchment feeds water into a holding area via rivers, streams and creeks. This water is then stored in a natural or in an artificial barrier called Dam or Reservoir. Dams are usually placed at the lower end of a valley .

  2. Rivers or lakes: Town or Community water supplies are sometimes drawn from nearby lakes or rivers.

  3. Springs: Springs are found where underground water flows out of the ground naturally without the use of wells, pumps or bores. They often occur towards the bottom of a hill or on sloping ground .

  4. Rainwater tanks: The rainwater which falls on the roofs of houses is often collected, using roof guttering, leading through a pipe to a storage tank.

There are some reasons why drinking water is essential. Some are given below :

  • Water boosts energy.

  • Water helps to lose weight.

  • Water aids in digestion.

  • Water hydrates skin.

  • Water detoxifies.

Water is a limited resource. It is the most precious resource in a human’s life. Water is vital to all living beings of this earth. Wasting water is a sin. 30 - 35 % of the people living on this planet are unable to get Water. Even though if they get water, it is unhygienic. They are losing lives because of thirst and are in search of fresh water. So, the most important constituent in one’s life is WATER.

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