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The biggest dilemma we all go through once in our life is friendship. It’s probably more like a journey with no destination. Yet we feel like keep going, no matter how hard or testing it may be. Isn’t it ironic? Can it be the fear of rejection that is holding us from facing the consequences or is it the love that we have for our special one that is making the difficult roller costar drive exciting?

All the solid relationships we have in our lives start with friendship. Whether it is a Girlfriend/Boyfriend or even Husband/Wife. Firstly, we accept them as our biggest support pillar, our lovable and loyal buddy or even better to say our go-to person. Some even use to call “The 3 am buddy”.

It varies from person to person. Falling in love with your best buddy and having to keep the feelings just for yourself is nothing less than a slow poison, which keeps killing us slowly and softly. Is it really that easy to make your special friend more than a friend?

Well for me it was not. But I have seen numerous blessed people who are able to do so. Many claims this as luck. But I don’t. I believe love doesn’t need the luck to make it work. Instead here is my take on it.

I would prefer calling the person a 'Dream'. A dream that inspires me to believe in the future, a perfect future where everything was so picturesque. Where everything was as per my wish. For a moment I had created an adoring story in my head, where I’m the scriptwriter, producer and director. Where I have cast him in a lead role. Trust me it’s not less than a romantic novel.

That soppiness was so juicy. I Considered this feeling like a gift. What they gave me is the ability to see an imminent that I wanted. He may not be the person to actually supply this future for me. Perhaps a messenger who gave an idea of how it should be. So, I’m thankful.

Like it is said we can never walk away from something and feel good about it if we didn’t get a win. So, we have every right to moan over something we wanted. Just don’t need to stress ourselves over this hurt. This has to do with letting go of the dream this person has motivated.

You still have the dream. just need to find someone who will actually fit within it. As someone has beautifully aforesaid "Everything you love will probably be lost, but in the end, love will return in another way."

So, just keep your doors open. You never know who might walk in with lots of surprising amazements. Let your love blossom someone’s life. Through the journey never let your friendship sail away. Keep the grip and sail together. We can never presume what tomorrow holds. Keep the faith and keep going. Love is eternal. Fall in love with love and let the love do its lovable magic.

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