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You are in the right place!

If you are passionate just like us to write out whatever artistic and creative thoughts strike you, we must say that you are in the right place. Amrapali Magazine has come to a long way encompassing through features, articles as well as news related to arts, culture and heritage.


In 2020, this online magazine comes with an extensively new look and along with many added categories like food, health, wellness, travel, beauty, fashion and lifestyle. This just means you have so much to explore and at the same time contribute too whilst letting the world know how amazing you are with your stuff! We are growing a step in a while and trying to bring in enough beautiful reads for our visitors and subscribers. 


If you want to join this groove, just submit the form on the right as to which category or categories you are interested to write for. We will be so happy to have you with us on this mission of propagating goodness for the world. 

Give us your details here

We thank you for showing interest in joining us. Put all your required details to understand you better. 

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