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I presume this the most evergreen question we all keep asking ourselves no matter how old we get. Why does it has become so difficult to apprehend this word or even to have a definition for it? Is it because we have failed to delineate it in our own ways??? or our beliefs with time has made us have certain theories, of this which has made it even more complicated to have one specific striking understanding.

Let me take you to my world and show you how I express love. I believe love is the most beautiful feeling in this world. A feeling which has so many different colors. I guess more than the colors in the rainbow love have the emotions of all the colors where anybody or everybody can sink in. Dwelling in it with the one you love is out of this world. To love and to be loved is beyond words. I feel love has the ability to change a person or a situation in no time. But trust me it’s not easy. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say in this technological world where everything is just so artificial love has taken a back seat.

Now many of you will be having this question, how do we come out of this? Or is there any way that this can be changed??? If you ask me, I would say YES. It all starts with yourself. we need to love ourselves and show the world how we want to be loved. It's not that complicated but we have made it so challenging. How can we expect love from someone when we don’t demonstrate them how we want to be loved? Isn’t this something we all need to ponder?

Loving ourselves and investing in it is the best thing we can ever do. Once we understand the prominence of this, we automatically become magnificent to anyone. If your special person see how well you are taking care of your own self, trust me guys, you won’t need words to emphasize what your expectations are. Define love the way you want. Make a unique version of it.

Don’t let the negativity of this world create an unwanted imagination of this beauty. Love has no expiry date. Every day and every time love is as pure as you want it to be. Don’t hold your self from falling in love. Neither be afraid. Hold the hand of your specific person and say I love you. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Because tomorrow never dies. There is no better time than right now.

Create your own history and make people believe in the beauty of love. Come let’s fall in love and say yes it is indeed the most splendid thing of this world

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