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Majuli, the place I am so mesmerized with. In the video below, I will be taking you to a Deori village in Majuli.

While having the traditional Deori food in traditional Assamese metal plates

Deoris are such a loving community and one of the major tribes residing on this beautiful island. If you have not watched their colourful folk dance in my previous episode, do check the link given in the description. You will love the way they swing their body.

I visited their village, witnessed their ritual and observed their patience while they weave every thread. They have their unique designs and colour combinations that are very eye catching. In this modern time, it feels so good to wear something that is traditional as well as homemade and handcrafted.

While driving through their village, I am in awe with the natural abundance they dwell in. The greenery surrounding them refreshes them throughout the day. As I reach one of a Deori family along with my husband we have been greeted with much love and respect. Most of them stays in joint families or extended families living within the same big campus. This baby is the youngest in their huge family. They are very simple and gifting something which they have crafted themselves is a symbol of utter love and regard. They greeted my husband with a handwoven Deori Gamusa.

The backyard of their home is busy today as they are preparing for a traditional ritual. Homegrown organic potatoes laid to dry under the sunlight after a wash. The ducks taking a bath in their little pond. I seriously long for such scenes in my home. It is so lovely to watch them mingling with their natural habitat. We were made to sit comfortably in their traditional kitchen created out of bamboo weaving on the floor and walls which acts as a natural ventilation for the air to come in and the fire smoke to go out. They mostly cook on a mud wrapped fire stove. This young woman is preparing their traditional drink ‘Suje’ made out of rice with natural and medicinal herbs. They keep this mixture intact for some specific days and when ready it is sieved through adding water and thus preparing a thick drink. They offer this to their guest and this Suje is my husband’s favourite homemade local drink.

All the family members and their friends gearing up together towards the completion of their ritual. This man was showing a home grown lemon and the banana trunks and leaves are cleaned and prepared for eating food. Seven Deori priests invited for conducting a ritual will now be served food with utmost respect. The family members bow down to them all requesting them to have the food and also to shower blessings.

After this, we were offered Deori food in the traditional Assamese metal plates and bowls. Everything that you can see are homegrown and fully organic. In today’s short lived happy times, moments could be so intense and deep is simply unbelievable. People in Majuli still lives amidst the nature with homegrown food products. Food they eat are organic and medicines they use are herbal. This is an island wherein living creatures are happy within their own eco system. Welcome to Majuli, welcome to life!

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