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To what extent is this very difficult and simple question of survival techniques of life's very own existence going to the question of Charles Darwin’s 'Survival for Existence' which is what is told is Lalitha Sahasranamam as a whole. A very difficult, yet again a very easy way of understanding the concept of the existence of co-existence of the universe as a whole?

The ideology behind writing this post:

Today I have been the current day modern scientists have been many types of research on the very subject of the existence of the human mankind in the gigantic universe so-called 'Akhilanda Koti Brahmanda' meaning 1 crore universe. The question is how do you get to feel this very understanding of the concept of Koti Brahmanda and how do you really feel this very phenomenon. However, there are many remedies like yoga, meditation etc, which are being in process, how far they are training the exact content is the typical challenge that the current day society is facing. Thus they are failing. Despite the fact that they practice, yet again the individual is failing in understanding and thus sending the latest equipment which travels the universe way beyond the galaxies, thus just sending the data. However, none of the scientists could really find that element of human existence in the form of extra-terrestrial form. And there are many types of research being done on this very front from the viewpoint of the conscious and subconscious state of mind as well by the doctors and technical and medical scientists as a whole. Today art and culture industry should be proud on this front because they have that answer with them. As the dancers depict the extra-terrestrial concepts in their own style using Bhavas and Anubhavas concept as a whole. This is in fact being explained in the very text of Lalitha Sahasranamam in the form of textual format. This is being used in the poetic format via the lyrical lines as a whole. This again depicting the very understanding of subjective and objective front from Dvaita / Advaita / Shankhya philosophy. How do we really understand is a very base study of this paper.

Pointers and proof for the same :

1) “Akhiland Koti Brahmanda” and “Bhandasura Vadhodyuktha” are very base studies for explaining the same, the reasons are our universe is so big and vast that none of us can even travel using the types of equipment like the space shuttle or do a space journey, again the Koti Brahmanda refers to the understanding of the very concept of mind traveling at a rapid speed with the thought process getting to that jolting point of understanding that this universe cannot be measured using the existing technological advanced based infrastructure, but the mind and thought process could take you to that point of convergence. The reason is in yoga or meditation the thoughts or body travels at astral levels at nanoseconds and the technical infrastructure will take years and months to travel to that level, yet again the travel happens on and on. There will be no end to this. Coming to Bhandasura Vadhodhyuktha aspect, this again the characterization of the persona or personality as a whole Bhanda meaning wrong and insane thoughts, asura means destructive thought process that impacts the body mind and soul. Now the body mind and soul itself is inbuilt with the understanding of the Koti Brahmanda and 'Pindanda' aspect in this Deha or body. There is a strong relationship to this again, this can be felt using meditation and yoga techniques, however here there are no shortcuts. Unlike the existing yoga teachers who are teaching the subject based on the theory, one needs to go beyond the theory point to understand in fact.

2) The other very important point here one needs to understand is the very concept of “Sri” or “Sri Mata” has to be understood in order to understand the very subject of existence and co-existence of the universe as a whole, “Sri” or “Sri Mata” has that correlation the humanoid existence as an individual again. A very hard and easy-to-understand subject, one needs to get to the deeper study of this subject. This is easier to be understood by the individual who is in the art and culture again. This again is missing on the front of the dancer or performing artist in the media or dancing aspect. Think about it. This is again a very different subject altogether to be dealt with. You get all the answers if one really gets to the roots of the very lines and reading between lines. Though if this is understood the very core subject of the existence of the extra-terrestrial body is understood in a much better manner. The thing is we human beings are not getting this subjective and objective understanding as a whole.

3) The 'Vividhakara' aspect in Lalitha Sahasranamam is the very important point which one needs to understand, the reason is that the word itself is telling 'Vividha' means different and 'Akara' means forms, the body is prevailing in all the forms yet again there is one focal point that it is going towards. Now the modern-day scientists and individuals of the 21st century may or may not have understood this or maybe ignoring due to the depth of the subject. When this is there are the Vedic and Upanishadic scriptures, how come the scientists and doctors doing their research in the respective fields to establish this truth. When the truth is very well or can be seen or felt. Again this is not as easy as it is told to be felt or to establish a connection. This requires a lot of diligence and utmost commitment to understanding this via meditation and yoga practice. Though once you realize this you will be no more in connection to this material world.

4) Every word and letter has that resonating effect on the body mind and soul. Now, let's take a scenario where there is nothing happening regards to nada+upasana being voice prayer and you are sending equipment and other technical know-how to investigate the existence or co-existence of the human man kind, which makes no sense at all. This is where the classical singer holds the edge over this scenario. How many of the singers really felt this way is the question. And how many have had used this tool to understand. I feel the modern-day scientists and modern-day doctors are missing on this and exploring themselves in the air.


As a part of note and disclaimer this post is not to demean any parents, or anybody in the society, but this is just my thought, I may be right may be wrong, but this post is all about getting the actual facts on the table as to what really is happening in and around. Though this if applied will definitely give positive results yet again it is how he or she is adopting himself or herself with the situation and understanding the scenario. One needs to understand the very aspect of, 'Akhilanda Koti Brahmanda' meaning 1 crore universe, 'Bhandasura Vadhodhyuktha aspect', 'Vividhakara' aspects in Lalitha Sahasranamam, 'Nada + Upasana being voice prayer' deep within and have that farsightedness. Maybe it could be tough initially but if you understand properly and apply all of us will be able to overcome this situation. This is a really very interesting aspect of the philosophy of existence and co-existence of life as a whole.

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