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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Life is been on a stagnant point. In this period of lockdown for the pandemic Corona Virus across the globe, we all are in a panic as to what will happen next. The world’s economy has gone fatal, tourism, education and above all the human life is at risk. However, amidst all these, there is a strike of positivity within us that, everything will be all right.

The Corona Virus pandemic introduced us to the darkest period in this 21st century. A global war stroked without any missiles and bombing, in which all of us are constantly struggling to get rid of it saving our life. It is heartening to see the older generation diminishing with the cruelty of this pandemic.

With a positive note, being lockdown seems maybe there was a need of such a time where we could stay in touch with our inner self, reviving our soul, digging out all our creative passion or hobby, which we covered, or in fact buried due to our work schedule, family responsibilities, aspirations for a better livelihood and what not. This phase of time wherein the whole world stops may be utilized in realizing ourselves with some basic emotional core values, which we lost long back.

These days should be treated as a way to rejuvenate our soul and making possibilities in giving out the best we can, by reaching out to people and animals in distress. There have been so many NGOs and groups working for food distribution and other necessities for poor people and stray animals. If you are a part of such acts, it is indeed a great way you are serving the society in this critical hour. In addition, if you are not then there are still indirect ways for you to contribute especially to the government in the form of a donation of any desired amount. I believe we all have capabilities in reaching out to do something out of nothing.

At this phase of time when friends, relatives and families confines within the limited movement, try giving out the best of your time to your children and parents or any elderly person in your family. There is generating an emotional imbibe during these lockdown days and it is something similar to that we used to enjoy during our childhood when there was no mobile, internet, social networking and not even such deadly diseases. All that was directly available to us was our family and our most loved hobby, which clubs with tasty homemade meals, the television, radio and the living room to chat a lot.

Due to our regular busy schedule, we have somewhat lost all these precious moments. Now when the world is stopping with uncertainty, let us all move ahead rejoining and recollecting and try brewing the best within our sweet home with our loved ones. Believe me; these moments of interchanging thoughts or reading out your childhood to your kids wherein your parents with nostalgia speak out your naughtiness to their grandchildren will not come so often.

We all are going through a very hard phase wherein as a professional with a neutral family, many of us are undergoing a heavy economic loss. But in no way can we risk the life of ourselves and our near ones by stepping out, hence staying home during these lockdown days is the only solution to break the chain of spreading the deadly virus, until the government declares any further announcements. Please be responsible for washing your hands, be particular to go only to authorized zones to purchase your groceries and do not allow your house cleaner for regular cleaning. If you think you have been just sleeping and eating the whole day long with just the basic minimal daily chores, I would like you to trigger your inner spark of creativity.

Try finishing all your pending household works like arranging your wardrobe, taking care of your lovely garden, assimilating your creative genius while making a tasty meal without much in your kitchen store, decluttering your rooms and stocking away separately the old clothes, shoes or toys to give away to those in need, finish your book, or string your guitar and sing along, tap along with your favorite dancing moves and the list will go on and on. Creative assimilations will never let you get bored; in fact, you will be amazed that art does not know age limitations. The only requirement is your love for it. We still have to go some more days until this lockdown turns over. Imbibe your emotional values and stay creative.

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