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Namaste to all! Dance as a physical epitome of arts and aesthetics, is often given more privilege upon its practical execution. On this definite ground of being a performing art, dance compulsorily stands high with its related literatures, encompassing histories and stated evidence of socio-cultural changes in various time periods. In these times of global connectivity wherein dance is purposefully paving ways towards intercultural growth whilst assimilating movements and cross-cultural dialogues for establishment of its identity and most importantly it is silently generating an important aspect of establishing its age-old heritage and lost civilization.

The only way to dive deep into learning and knowing the dance histories is to travel and visit those places which many times are not feasible, watch and listen to related documentations and read .. read .. and read reference books, journals and features. The main concept for encouraging such thinking is to build a chip in mind wherein knowledge of these greatness will not only enlarge our understanding but will also put an everlasting impact onto our dance works and productions which one conceives, lead, design and execute.

Small to massive dance institutes may put in efforts to build a library for their students and once a week if the Guru/teacher can visit different books with the students, then nothing can be better than this. Understanding the Hasta Mudras in accordance with literary compositions like Stuti, Bhajan, Thumri, etc. or usage of costumes at various time periods especially in Kathak dancing would make them understand the historical transitions the dance art commuted through.

Reading, researching and writing upon different facets of dance will only enhance a student's performance and never over burden them. If a student is definite in learning in and out of the subject, then he/she will envelop every creative facet coming to its way. Dance is no less then undergoing penance invoking a spiritual discipline within a student while involving meditation, austerity, self-restraint and purity.

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