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Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Hello world! We all have together been through the most difficult times in the format of COVID 19. It is October now, the month that brings in so much joy, festivals, shopping, get-togethers and lot more. This is the best in the whole year wherein women especially buy their favourite fashional stuff and home decor items. I still remember how my mother every year in my childhood days used to gift me a hand-embroidered frock which she diligently prepares from a month back. The tailoring shops and other such junctions are not so crowded and busy like before. This year we won't be able to witness the massive and beautifully decorated pandals and the statues of the Gods and Goddesses.

This time has taught us a lot of things. Many artistes have started their separate businesses and have admitted that they must always have time for a separate entity and income source. As I met many theatres and other performing artistes in Guwahati, they all have been struggling throughout for a decent earning every month. These groups used to tour to different places in Assam for 9 months and this was actually the major income that fed their family. The question mainly rises for the daily wage earners like the technical labourers, spot boys, etc. Many have already diverted themselves to other professions to overcome the needy phase and their return back to the theatre industry would be difficult if correct measures are not taken on time as the economy is draining down in this sector.

But being strong, we all are adjusting ourselves into this 'New Normal'. Teachers have converted their classes to virtual mediums and many have been able to complete their long-pending works like writing books, audio albums, etc. and most importantly many have utilised these months with their riyaz (practice). While interacting, they all have admitted that this phase is like a blessing in disguise. A few other establishments like performing/visual arts institutes etc. will be running from this month with a handful of associated people as well as students maintaining the required social norms and this is certainly a good start. Hopefully, stages will soon be opened with all sorts of artistic performances whilst maintaining the social distances and other norms.

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