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Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Visiting a Disneyland or a Disneyworld is every kid's dream. Watching the favourite Disney cartoon characters or playing with them is like a fantasy for every kid like me. And I never thought that I will make a visit to a Disneyland ever. And seriously, I thank my daddy for this. He planned all these and much more especially for me and my happiness. Thanks, dad! And when I got a space to share my travel experience, I thought why not to share the lovely experiences I had in the Disneyland in Orlando (USA).

I visited the USA with my mom during the last week of December 2016 for a period of around 45 days. My dad was already in Guyana for an assignment. Amidst all the beautiful visits, Disneyland exploration is the best ever. I along with mom and daddy was in West Palm Beach, Florida for some days with a wonderful and friendly family of Satyanarayan Sharma uncle. We shared some amazing time together with their children Anand and Ambika. After spending some days with there, we went to midway towards Orlando with Sharma uncle, wherein his sister Sharda Sharma Ramoutar's family resides. The journey was full of excitement, the environment was serene and so clean.

After visiting Orlando, we headed the very next day to my dream destination of Disneyland with Sharda aunty. And you won't believe how sweet and lovable they are. Her 2 daughters were full of love with me at all times. I will cherish their love and the comfort they pored upon me and my parents as if we were an integral part of their family. I will share a lot upon all the lovely people I met and stayed with, in some other posts.

Through Sharda aunty's husband, we met one of his very nice friends who did all the possible arrangements for us to enter Disneyland. Right after parking the car, we all had to catch a metro train like a vehicle to move into the main area of Disneyland. In this huge land area, there were other destinations like Water Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Epcot. But, we chose to move into Disneyland. because being a kid of class III, my parents said that's my cup of tea. and I too did not create any demand, as vising Disneyland itself was something which is like a dream come true.

With daddy dear on the wonderful Disneyland pavement.

As soon as we reached the gate, with the help of the uncle's friend, we three could enter the fantasy and yes, nobody can stop us to experience the magic. After entering the main entrance we found many souvenir shops and outlets selling accessories related to fairy tales and princesses.

Oh my! I was so awestruck. I purchased a few souvenirs for myself and my mom got some to keep in our home. The very first souvenir I bought was a badge of My 1st Visit to Disneyland. Isn't that exciting? Yes, I got it! I bought a Minnie Mouse hairband too and stored the beautiful brochures and pamphlets there was displayed.

I could not control my excitement as to what more lies ahead. We were moving ahead to cross through the massive Cinderella's castle that marked as an entry mark. I felt as if I am entering a fairyland and just about to meet any of the mesmerizing characters. I did enjoy the marigold round and enjoyed watching some roller coaster rides and want it to ride it too. But, my parents were so scared about me but they did not have a choice except to take rides with me. Firstly, all of us enjoyed the fantastic underwater Aireal train ride. Here we enjoyed so much with the musicals and dance moves presented by Disney's Aireal characters. The rejoicing was so spellbound!

Look at the massive Cinderella's castle behind me.

After this was a turn to take a mini roller coaster ride. And mom got so scared with the twist and turns and literally was praying God to get it stopped. I could not control my laugh at this sight. And when it got finished, she was scolding all of us. Such a great time it was. Then at my insist, we decided to experience the Space Travel ride. We got into the line and yea there were so many waiting for their turn. The music being played inside the hallway was like that of space/alien film and it did make us a bit scared. After waiting for almost 1 hour, came a small shuttle kind of a seat wherein 3 seats were attached one behind another. I was in the middle and mommy behind me. And poor daddy had to sit at the front seat. And as the shuttles taking its speed through the galaxy, planets and then to the darkest of the dark, our heart almost pounded out. We were literally shouting our best and cannot even explain how fast it moved with the roller coaster effect within the dark sight. Finally, it stopped after around 20 minutes and we all were thanking God for saving our lives.

Look how firmly daddy holds me so that I don't catch a roller coaster ride on my own!

Now, this was just the beginning and the demon in me wanted some more twists and turns. Mommy strictly said we are not going to spend our valuable tickets on some kinds of deadly coaster rides. And she meant it.

Now, the only way for me was to request daddy to join me. And poor daddy, out of daughter's love he tried his best accompany me. I told them not to worry much and I can handle myself in those rides because it is so much fun. But, sadly they just could not trust their 7 years old princess and thus don't want to leave me alone. So, daddy had no choice but to accompany me. So I did some rides together with daddy.

After this, we had some tasty ice-creams and some snacks at the eating outlets outside the rides.

And now a wonderful parade awaits us all by the Walt Disney cartoon characters. They danced and walked in style with the music and I could not resist my excitement but shouted hard to make them hear me. In this 10 minutes parade, I was jumping, shouting and cheering throughout. It was like I'm in their world. Before me, I could see my favourite characters. Tinkle Bell, Snow White, a sight which I'll treasure for my lifetime.

We met this awesome family with the same t-shirts

And then on my insist again, daddy had to accompany me to the Splash Ride, that was freaking scary. At first, the lined motorised boats take all its passengers slowly and lovingly to the massive height which nobody is aware at the beginning. And after showing beautiful ambiance on the way, the heavy track pulled all its passengers one after another with the boat to the highest of its height. And yes, my daddy's heart was pounding out! Zoom goes the boats one after another from a height of like 30 feet and slowly as our turn was coming, we caught hold of the horizontal handle of our boat to stay firm. And just before we were about to get prepared, our boat was zoomed down and splashed the water as we reached down and made a strike-through like all others. Oh my, It was so much fun!

Now, after getting enough of scoldings from mummy, I agreed not to go for such rides anymore. And we all moved to take a boat ride amidst a created jungle, namely the Jungle Safari. I will write about this Jungle Safari in another post. After experiencing all these fantasies, we finally come to the last excitement and that is the fireworks. This beautiful fireworks display started around 8 pm. And all the visitors gathered to watch the wonderful sight. And it all started with a musical and Tinkerbell who was welcoming the guests to the show, tied to a string and diving in the air from the huge castle. The fireworks lasted for almost 10 minutes and took our hearts out with its synchronization and musical amalgamation. A sight to be remembered forever.

My visit to this beautiful place is like a dream come true. A single day visit is not at all enough for anyone, because there still left so much to explore and enjoy. But these hours whatever I got, was like moments to cherish for a lifetime. I'll come up with my other posts related to my visit to Disneyland, Orlando.

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