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Before we planned for a holiday to visit a destination we always have a clear image of that particular place in our subliminal mind. But due to a lack of proper knowledge, sound transportation and accommodation there are few places in the North East, which people always depreciated as a major tourist destination, which is also less known and where people usually don't visit, even when it has a plethora of tourism potentiality. Haflong is one of those places where people generally don't visit even when it has an abundance of beauty.

But nothing could stop an avid enthusiast and I started my journey to explore the lone hill station of Assam, Haflong last year. On 24th May around almost 5.15 am in the morning, I reached Lumdimg Junction and then the train started heading towards the New Haflong railway station. During this train journey, I witnessed some splendid scenery, bridges and uniquely build tunnels. Specifically, I was mesmerized by the beauty when mountains meet cloud. It was exactly the kind of encounter every traveler hopes for and I was pretty lucky to see this amazing natural beauty. This lone hill station beauty awestruck me especially the cloud clad mountains.

Haflong is a less-visited destination by tourists but its spellbound beauty especially during the summers could attract anyone. This place could be a preferred destination for its pleasant weather. If someone loves nature and wants to breathe fresh air and clean their lungs in the lush green forests and mountains and also want to eyewitness the mysterious bird suicide then Haflong is the ideal place for them.

After reaching Haflong at 9 am and then I reached my lodge which I booked on After a few minutes of rest and after finishing my breakfast I went to see the mysterious place Jatinga. The road condition is so bad, but the wonderful view of nature literally helped me to dismiss all the fatigue from my body I faced in my tiresome journey to reach Jatinga. Eventually, I went gaga over the marvelous panoramic view of the entire place but I didn't witness any Suicidal Bird, because I went there in offseason. Generally from the month of October birds started to migrate here.

After finishing Jatinga I headed to see the local market and Haflong viewpoint. The entire hill station looks more sparkling from that viewpoint. The gleam of the lights in the mountain looks elegant at night. That day I slept early for the excitement to heading Umrangsoo very next day. The next day, I had my bus in the afternoon so in between that time, I went to see a beautifully located Church in Fiangpui, the headquarters of Dima Hasao district and Devi mandir.

After sightseeing in the remote areas of Fiangpui, our bus started on time and in the evening I reached Umrangsoo. The road conditions of Haflong are extremely terrible and the road which leads us to Umrangsoo is so deplorable. The road conditions of the entire Dima Hasao are bad and jouncy. After the tiresome journey, I finally booked a guest house which is situated near the Kopili reservoir. All the fatigue and tiredness evaporated from the windy atmosphere I received in that guest house.

The guest house gave me the opportunity to cook my dinner, so I rushed to the local market of Umrangsoo to buy something to prepared my dinner. The thing which highly attracted me about Umrangsoo is - no use of plastic. All vendors use bags made out of paper and serve what they sell to their customers. Even meat is packed in paper bags which is really rare in other parts of Assam.

The next morning on 26th May, I went to see one of the famous golf course where Falcon festival is organized every year in the month of November. After witnessing the large area of the golf course I bid goodbye to everyone I met in the guest house and started my return journey to Guwahati. For the first time, I hitchhiked to Lanka. One businessman gave me the opportunity to enjoy Hitchhiking for the first time in my life.

The entire journey unfolds many hidden treasures of the beautiful hill station of Assam. The modest tribal people, the area without plastic use, the Nepali village, taste of local betel nut, hitchhiking experience, and everything provide me a certain amount of joy and cheer delight which definitely undiscovered if I didn't gather the courage to go there.

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