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Hello everyone! Through this post, I thought of letting you know about my native place Assam, which is in the northeast of India. It is a beautiful and naturally abundant region, filled with hills, river, many tributaries, sanctuaries, tea gardens, traditional dances and music, age-old bamboo craftworks, historic temples, traditional dance dramas, river islands, oil refineries, handlooms, the famous one-horned rhinocerous and so much more.

Well as my place is awesomely amazing, everything cannot be included in this post alone. So, I thought to let you know some amazing things about the Awesome Assam, so that you can plan your next visit with your parents here. I tell you about 5 amazing destinations here wherein I’m sure you’ll have some great time along with your parents and friends. However, firstly let me tell you that, the perfect time to visit Assam is from September to April. As we get heavy monsoon here, so it is better to avoid the rest of the months.

1. The first amazing destination in Assam is the powerful temple of the Goddess Kamakhya. My parents say that it is a powerful temple and has a very strong history of its existence. It attracts pilgrims from worldwide and there happens to be kind of a very big festival during the time of Ambubachi which runs for all most a week. This period is a significant one for the pilgrims and the local government takes full responsibilities along with the temple authorities and other local bodies to arrange all possibilities for making the tourists and pilgrims comfortable.

2. The second amazing destination in Assam is the world-famous Kaziranga National Park, which is famous for the one-horned rhinocerous, the beautiful migrating birds, tigers and others. Assam is filled with so many wildlife sanctuaries and yes, I will cover upon this in another episode and I must tell you that it would be filled with so much of wonders and you will love it if you are an adventurous kid like me. To reach Kaziranga National Park you will have to either land in Guwahati or Jorhat and more can be found through travel sites. It has some beautiful resorts for you to enjoy local food and good homestay too.

A beautiful evening sunset view in Majuli island | PC: Amrapali Clicks

3. The third amazing destination in Assam is the world-famous heritage river island Majuli. This is situated amidst the massive Brahmaputra River. And this is a dear place to me because my dad belongs from this naturally beautiful place and so the Majuli Island happens to be my native place too. You reach this island by ferry from the Jorhat city and once you land here, you will remain astonished as to how big is this island. The beautiful paths carry you to some lovely destinations and hundreds of years old Sattras, which are actually religious and cultural institutions and therein you will find the spiritual monks known as Bhakat who practices dance, arts, theatre and music dedicating their life for purpose of spreading good thoughts and peace amongst all the residents. Isn’t that interesting? You can also spend some amazing time with the native Mising Tribe and enjoy their ethnic food and clothing as well as cane bamboo products.

A glimpse from the beautiful art work in the Dakkhinpaat Sattra of Majuli island | PC: Amrapali Clicks

4. The fourth amazing destination in Assam is the Sualkuchi. It is a small town famous for handloom and weaving of the traditional attire called Mekhela Sador. And let me tell you that, my mom created a defining video upon the Assamese silks of Sualkuchi. Do check the link in the description box. I am sure you will love it. The Sualkuchi is referred to as the Manchester of the East. Almost every home has a weaving machine and it is one of the largest weaving villages in Assam. It weaves some very costly silks like the Muga, Paat, Eri with traditional and colourful patterns. In the times of machine-made clothes, a sight like this a very rare. You will wonder how beautifully they create those designs. It is so lovely!

5. The fifth amazing destination in Assam is the Sivasagar surrounded by the Dehing rain forest. This city holds the royal structures of the Ahom dynasty. It has heritages of the 18th century like the Shiva Dol, Devi Dol, Rang Ghar, Kareng Ghar, etc. This place reflects the ethnicity of the Ahom community and the old temples patronized by kings. This is a historic place of Assam. Visit here to explore more.

Okay! So, here I end my post. Let me tell you that, recently I have started 'THE BELLA WAMIEL SHOW' through podcasting and making youtube videos. If you like my works then you can support me through my Patreon. THE BELLA WAMIEL SHOW is available in your selected podcast app like Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Radio Public and others. Hoping to meet you soon in my next post. Love you and bye.

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