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Editor's Note | April 2020

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Hello world! It is a new beginning for us all this side. Amrapali Magazine traversed through 5 years from its inception. It is, in fact, the first venture conceiving the idea of an establishment namely 'Amrapali', which I started with a mission to platform all kinds of artistic updates and cultural consciousness to the world that started in 2014 during my one year stay in the Maldives. An urge started all by self gathering cultural news and updates from across the world and designing 30 pages .pdf magazine to circulate through emails and e-magazine portals to having its own content management website has been an integral task. The commitment to building a single platform for all artistes and art connoisseurs has not been so easy. Although I'm glad to have some helping hands along with.

Being in the crucial situation amidst COVID 19 and keeping oneself safe whilst balancing physical and mental health is the utmost need at this time. As the situation has barred many professionals and especially the artistes fraternity in concerts, performances, collaborations, classes, etc. hence during the days of the lockdown reading features relating to arts and culture will surely bring some psychological relief and stress out mental anxiety. In the creative sphere, there is so much to do for the self and also for our fellow people. And I firmly believe that artistes being together and bringing forth their creative essence from their homes digitally to the world can meaningfully create a mark within all. We all are together in this and we all will surely come out of this very soon and strongly.

Given below are the details and link to the PM CARES Fund especially created for the COVID 19 pandemic in India. The fund will be used for combating, containment and relief efforts against the coronavirus outbreak and similar pandemic like situations in the future. Any contribution made to the PM CARES Fund before 30 June would qualify for a tax exemption under (80G) Income Tax Act, 1961. More details can be found HERE and donations are also accepted at . If you want to do something at this challenging phase, now is the time and the best thing is that you can also contribute micro-financial assistance too!

Encompassing our content to readers mostly in UK, USA, Australia, Singapore and India, our interest to build a better website developed. Throughout this process, I was constantly trying to build an adequate platform wherein our subscribers and readers can enjoy everything related to reading, listening and watching. Our this website is still updating all of its old contents but you can still mail your news, updates and articles/features to us at

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I'm grateful to each one who contributed this far and let the world read their amazing cultural experiences and features. Feels so good at the thought that, Amrapali Magazine will step into its 6th years this summer and on this, I present before you all a completely brand new look and destination of AMRAPALI MAGAZINE wherein you can read some amazing features, listen to podcasts and watch recorded/Live videos too! We are expanding our limits and involving as much goodness we can for our readers. So, do not forget to stay subscribed and notified! Have safe and contented days ahead. Until we meet next, much love to all!

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