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It has been so difficult for all of us to survive with whatever existing we have during this course of the lockdown. Many of the dance and music schools are on the verge of struggling to manage their rented space and other viable expenses or frankly speaking most of the big spaces are shutting down. Now, this pandemic also in a way diverted our perspectives and acts to admit that, although we were standing against teaching or learning online practically, this crucial phase taught us that, to survive we have to learn and find out ways to keep our profession running. And this in a way helped us to focus ourselves on various ways of teaching methodologies and learning abilities.

Gearing up to teach as well as to learn an art form digitally or through the virtual medium brings in a lot more effort seriously rather than the old school teaching techniques. A teacher truly requires to adapt to the digital teaching equipment and also should be able to promote his branding and purpose with the help of different apps and advertisements. But, it may be triggered as one of the best ways to expand your network being a teacher and it could be the best way to learn from your inspiring and favourite teacher from anywhere in this world. Taking traditional dances to the world through the medium of technology is the best way possible to keep a record of your work materials and techniques which can be extensively used by students worldwide.

The easiest ways to bring forth your teaching skills and methodologies could start from having your website and connecting it to your social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and others. This establishes your professional entity and trust from the students. And while generating new classes and enrolling more students for your classes, one needs to equally concentrate upon a weekly update upon any relevant topic or concern that could be beneficial for the learners. And this could be configured as free or paid one.

The digital world is enormously comfortable to work if only you learn to place yourself well and trigger your targets and accomplishments. My personal advice to all teachers is that give your time to explore the various platforms and grow your performing arts classes online diligently. Things turns up really well when planned and being yourself well equipped in understanding as well as execution. With your intelligence, you will never let down the expectations of your students. At the AMRAPALI INSTITUTE OF ARTS, we are planning to have a crash course for teachers on 'How to Start a Successful Online Class' and have their online presence. Ping us or comment us if you are interested with this course.

Until we meet next, thank you and much love!

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