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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

This blog post will take you through a wonderful session of Indian arts and culture. So, let’s talk about dance. What makes us love and get attracted to the mesmerizing Indian dances, specifically the Indian classical dances? It is indeed charismatic and colourful, but it is much more than this. It is philosophical, self-explanatory of physical nuances and indeed thought-provoking. It is the most essential practice that could bring you peace of mind, happiness and emotional balance and if practiced regularly, it would de-stress you throughout your life keeping you far off from body ailments, joint pains and even arthritis.

Now, for all of you who is not a dancer, have you ever tried to understand as to why does a physical activity like dancing is an essential inclusion in one’s growth?

I give you 5 big reasons:

1. It builds the Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence

2. It makes one Body Smart

3. It makes one extrovert and expressive

4. It enhances the physical grace and attractiveness AND

5. It develops instant creative thought processes and abilities.

The Indian classical dances are primarily based upon two aspects.

They are:

1. The technical and

2. The expressional aspects

The technical aspect is based upon the pure dance format wherein the dance is executed upon a specific set or cycle of rhythmic beats called the Taal wherein the dance pieces are calculatedly improvised within it.

The second aspect is the expressional part known as the ‘abhinaya’. With this, a story can be described with the help of Mudra (meaning hand gestures) and Mukhaja Abhinaya (meaning Facial expressions) without uttering a single word. Isn’t that amazing?

This blog post is also available as a podcast. Subscribe to Amrapali TalkArts podcast for interesting episodes. Thanks and much love!

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