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Life in today's time wherein we could hardly find personal time for ourselves, we could hardly develop a clinch of appreciating nature or practicing our beloved hobby. But, will this be the perfect way to live along? Or do you agree to leave all your professional engagements to cherish and seek happiness from the Universe? Definitely not!! So, let's just try to figure out the best ways to stay engaged with our work as well as stay attached to life's best moments. In this blog, I take you in finding peace and happiness within yourself.

Let’s try to figure out few elements which we can affordably generate and also execute to remain happy with balanced thoughts. I always believe to carry ahead something that I am passionate about. Because for me, loving the work I do is very important for its wonderful result. Or practicing something that I eagerly love to unleash my inner pain and toxic feelings. I mean, preach something that you are passionate about!

I still remember the lady named Ursula with whom I stayed almost for 2 weeks in her sweet home at Bad Hersfeld in Germany. It was in the year 2003. She expresses so much contentment each time she finishes drawing a Mandala. Now, those who do not know what a Mandala is, let me explain. Mandala is a circular design incorporated with different geometrical patterns and motives within its circumference. And basically, all such patterns are drawn concentrating towards its centrifugal point. It actually represents a symbolic Universe in Hinduism. That time, I was at the start of my twenties and too young to understand her reason for happiness. Now, after traversing different phases in my life having a share of sweet, bitter, struggles, accomplishments, etc. I can truly understand Ursula’s love for drawing a Mandala. Actually now I can realise that, while drawing the Mandalas, it was like a meditation for her. She could track along with and go through the different patterns and motives, all concentrated to the central point of the Mandala. It is like meditating and attaining Nirvana that is like a transcendent state wherein you neither feel suffering nor desire.

Now, it could be something that you love creating or practicing. Be it dancing, music, painting, gardening, writing, cooking, helping someone in need, creating podcasts like I am doing right now and there are so many others. Wow! Aren’t these are somethings that we all can easily do?

Let me know your favourite things which you do that makes you happy. I'll be glad to know about it. This blog post is also available as a podcast Amrapali TalkArts which is available in your selected podcast app. Stay tuned with me and do not forget to subscribe to interesting episodes. The podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Google Play Music, Anchor, Breaker, Cast Box, Over Cast, Radio Public and iHeart Radio.

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