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Bananas are an all-time favourite fruit for many of us. And a Banana Pancake is one of the quickest and easy breakfast preparation. We had many banana trees in our backyard during my childhood and these trees would give baskets full of bananas. In the local Assamese language, we call it 'Maalpua'. It also happens to be a quick snack for guests who visit over a cup of tea. Below are mentioned the easy ingredients for the Banana Pancake.

Banana Pancake Ingredients


  • In one bowl mix all the ingredients together. Try smashing the banana and whipping the egg separately beforehand if possible to avoid more cautious hard work. Keep whipping for some time until smooth (around 15 mins.). You can use an electrical blender for fine and smooth mix or simply mix and whip by hand using a fork or hand blender for the traditional and course effects. The batter should be a thick saucy consistency. Not too liquid.

  • Keep the mix aside and put the non-stick pan on your stove. When hot, lower the heat and put little butter or few drops of refined oil. Take a big spoon (usually a round-shaped serving spoon) from the bowl and gently pour the batter in the middle on the pan and let the batter take its shape on its own.

  • As the pancake gets golden on the lower side, gently flip it. When both the sides turn golden, place it onto a plate. And traditionally the ready pancakes are topped one above the other and poured maple syrup or honey from the top so that, it lingers down to all the pancakes.

  • You can decorate it with some sliced banana if you want. And enjoy it with your glass of milk or a hot cup of coffee or tea.

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